Abbey Clancy says she has so much junk at mansion she could fill a SKIP… but insists her floors are clean enough to lick

ABBEY Clancy has been candid about her love of keeping her home spotless in the past, but even the model, 38, admitted she’s overdue a good clear out.

Speaking on her podcast The Therapy Crouch with hubby Peter Crouch, 43, Abbey confessed she’s guilty of holding onto junk for far too long.

When asked if the couple keep the the boxes of their smartphones, both agreed they do, even though they were not quite sure why.

“I’ve got like 10 of them,” Abbey revealed.

“I think it’s because it’s an expensive looking box and you’re like ‘I can’t just throw that away’,” Peter chimed in.

But Abbey revealed it’s not just old phone boxes she hasn’t thrown out and she needs a full day to sort out the other junk that’s been piling up in the couple’s £3 million mansion.

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