Dua Lipa Dyed Her Hair a Color It’s Never Been Before

Have you ever seen a hair color so good that it’s just plain rude? And to be honest, it’s extra rude if you, like me, have recently been trying to talk yourself out of making any major hair-color changes because it would be expensive and your current color is totally fine, but now you suddenly find yourself justifying why you deserve the little treat of having a very good new hair color.

I guess Dua Lipa is just going to have to accept that this new, unprecedented hair color of hers is basically ruining my life.

Lipa was clearly feeling enigmatic on Thursday, October, 12, when she not only archived everything on her Instagram grid but also posted a photo with the bewildering caption, “Miss me?” (I say “bewildering” because she hasn’t exactly been gone for a while — her song “Dance the Night” off the Barbie soundtrack has been literally everywhere for months now.)

But it’s hard to get caught up in the mystery of it all considering the photo in question showcases a hair color we’ve never seen on her before.

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