Dua Lipa Joyfully Balances on Surfboard, Dives into the Sea with Friends

If you don’t want to see her … tough luck.

After turning 27 on Aug. 22, Dua Lipa kept the birthday celebrations going while on vacation with friends in Ibiza, where she and her entourage were spotted a few days later frolicking on and around a lux schooner off the coast of the picturesque, party-hearty destination

PH๏τos taken on Aug. 25 captured the singer seemingly living up to the тιтle of her hit song “Levitating” while diving off the vessel into the ocean.

The “New Rules” songstress looked to have made it to the tip of a narrow wooden pole extending from the boat’s bow in the moments before she jumped into the sea.

While cavorting in the ocean, she attempted to balance standing-up on a surfboard before plunging back into the water, and eventually wound up sitting on the board as a few of her companions treaded water in its vicinity.

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