Dua Lipa’s Insanely Cool Vacation Look Includes a Puff Miniskirt “Inspired by the Duvet”

No one curates a vacation wardrobe quite like Dua Lipa.

The pop star once again rounded up the perfect eclectic wardrobe for a recent trip to Copenhagen, Denmark. She posted photos from the trip yesterday on Instagram.

Of all the looks she shared, the clear standout was an ensemble made up of two major Prada separates: a boxy suede collared jacket in a burnt-caramel tone and a white puff miniskirt with the house’s logo emblazoned on the edge of the hemline.

If the latter looks like bedding to you, that’s intentional. According to the Prada website, the piece is “inspired by the duvet,” a detail further cemented by its pillowy silhouette and goose-down padding.

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