Get ready to be blown away because apparently, Demi Lovato will be gracing us with her incredible singing talent very soon!

Demi Lovato could be dangerously close to gifting us with new music for the holidays.

The pop star took to Instagram with a mysterious tease of a post on Wednesday, which came tagged with a cryptic caption. The accompanying image was a simple all-black square, clearly meant to get fans asking questions.

“The next time you hear from me, I’ll be singing….” Demi wrote, and a deluge of comments started rolling in as thousands of fans began working out the specifics behind what she might mean.

Demi’s had something of an eventful past year, and in the last month alone, she shared a surprise Instagram snap with her new partner, model Austin Wilson. We haven’t heard much about her relationship since then, but it’s very possible the new love could color her new music.

Either way, we’re all beyond ready for new tunes from Demi, so hopefully there’s something new just around the corner – or perhaps a special event where she’ll be showing off her pipes.


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