“He Did Get Affected Somewhat Negatively”: Madison Beer Acknowledges the Impact of Her Career on Her Brother

Handling fame can become a daunting task. While rising to fame is something many wish for, coping with the added stress can prove to be too much for some. Madison Beer, the American singer, recently revealed how her fame affected her family for the worse.

Beer rose to fame in 2012 when Justin Bieber shared one of her cover songs on YouTube. The pop star also started her acting career at the early age of 12. However, Beer’s success didn’t mean that she was comfortable interacting with fans in every way.

Beer once confessed that streaming made her nervous, and she had to struggle to overcome the fear.

Beer also lashed out at fans on a number of occasions for body shaming her. All this would make one believe that Beer is a pretty outgoing person who knows how to handle pressure.

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