How Jennifer Aniston, at 54, is redefining what a successful woman looks like in the film and fashion industries

Why can’t Jennifer Aniston keep a man?’ ‘Divorced from Brad, now Justin.’ ‘Pregnant at 40?’ ‘Miracle baby at 48?’ ‘Jen’s heartbreak… again!’

Jennifer Aniston Reacts to TikTok’s Best (and Most Absurd) Trends — See Video | AllureJennifer Aniston has probably experienced the most sexist gossip-magazine headlines of any actor in the last 20 years. Jilted, dumped, shattered, scorned, sad, jealous and childless is what they say. Perhaps the most commonly used prefix to her name is ‘poor’.

The irony, of course, is that ‘poor Jen’ is one of the most successful women working in Hollywood today.

She’s been in more than 30 hit films since the day she fell into the Central Perk coffee house dressed as a runaway bride and was typecast (both in her work and her personal life) as the lovable Rachel Green. Divorced again at 49; what’s left for her now? Absolutely everything, actually.

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