Joey Essex’s cousin Chloe Sims doesn’t hold back as she gives her verdict on Love Island’s Sam and Grace

JOEY Essex’s cousin Chloe Sims has boldly given her verdict on his Love Island ladies, Samantha and Grace.

The Towie star insisted Sam isn’t Joey’s type – and he’s actually in LOVE with Grace.

However, she’s not 100 per cent sure he’s met the right person yet.

Chloe appeared on Love Island’s AfterSun last night with host Maya Jama.

She reacted to Joey snogging his ex Grace after leaving the villa for a sleepover.

He had previously been coupled up with Sam for two weeks.

Asked if Sam is Joey’s type, Chloe replied: “I would say probably not but when I started watching it I would have picked her.

“I see why he did but I don’t see she’s his actual type.”

She added: “We haven’t got to see her personality but his smile lit up the whole place.


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