Lana Del Rey discusses fame and the power of the internet with Madison Beer

Madison Beer is interviewed by Lana Del Rey where the pair discuss Beer’s memoir, what they would have done differently 10 years ago, and growing up online.

In the latest edition of Interview Magazine, Lana Del Rey meets Madison Beer. At first, the duo touch on Beer’s forthcoming album, with Del Rey praising her for her writing style – “I thought it was the perfect record” – and adding that it’s important to trust your gut in the process: “I remember when I made Norman [Fucking] Rockwell!, I thought, “This is the best record I’ve made.”

Later in their conversation, Del Rey brings up Beer’s memoir, The Half of It: A Memoir, and the pair land on a discussion about the power of the internet and the dangers of growing up online.

Noting that she didn’t write the book in order to gain sympathy from anybody, she wrote it because she wanted to promote conversations about unprotected minors on the internet.

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