Lindsay Lohan ‘Playboy’ cover: a fruitful train-wreck career?

Back when I first heard that Lindsay Lohan would be posing nude for Playboy, I was sad. It seemed a desperate act for a once-promising young star, a final appeal for fame from someone with no other options.

It seemed this could be Lohan’s last hurrah, the last time her name would grace a magazine cover (at least, until some sort of tragedy struck). But now, just one day after her Playboy cover leaked on the Web, rocketing Lohan to the top of Internet searches, I’m realizing this could hardly be the end for Lindsay Lohan. This, in fact, could launch the beginning of an entirely new career for the Mean Girls actress.

Lindsay Lohan Playboy issue ‘flying off the shelves’ | Marie Claire UK
Get your mind out of the gutter. I’m not referring to that kind of career. No, instead, Lohan could use this opportunity to transform from good-girl-gone-bad to bad-girl-gone-entertaining.

In this day and age — when audiences can’t get enough of booze-fueled disastrous antics of the Jersey Shore cast — it’s not unthinkable that Lohan could carve out a fruitful career for herself as a professional train wreck.

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