Nineties dance legend reveals music comeback 27 years after iconic smash hit

NINETIES dance legend Ultra Naté has revealed she could be releasing an unheard version of Free, 27 years after topping the charts.

American singer Ultra, 56, shot to fame in the late 80s, but reached mainstream when the iconic smash hit came out in 1997.

Fast forward nearly three decades and, while the vocal powerhouse is still releasing music, she hasn’t forgotten about her club classics.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Ultra said: “At this point, I’m kind of ready to go back in the studio and continue making a new album, because I’ve actually been writing here and there, but now, putting it together comprehensively to figure out what the next
album project will look like.

“But also there’s still some of my some of my classic catalogue that needs to be reissued. So, we’re also working on that in the background. My Grime, Silk, & Thunder album.

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